About Us

We are a group of students, professionals, and families from India who have made the beautiful city of Dresden as our home. 

We are a  non-profit organization for the promotion of Indian culture and the support of Indian students, scientists and professionals in Dresden. Our organization is almost 10 years old and was informally founded in 2011 and officially registered as an NGO in 2014.

We organize frequent gatherings and events throughout the year for Indians living in Dresden as well as for the locals of Dresden willing share their love for the rich Indian culture. We celebrate togetherness through art, science and culture.

We understand the challenges students, professionals and families face from the time of their arrival to their extended stay. Through our passionate community-driven efforts, we support the integration of incoming Indians with the local community and other international people. By sharing our direct perspectives on the challenges, opportunities, we try to welcome everyone like our family and make them feel home.


Our Mission

Our aim is to bring the Indian community in Dresden closer to each other as well as to enhance the intercultural exchange of Indian and local culture.

By facilitating regular networking opportunities, we explore possibilities of establishing deeper relations. We have built a strong community and have passionate participation by students, scholars, employees, and families, in and around Dresden. The platform of cultures plays a vital role in one's identity, we wish to act as agents of Indo-German relationship.


With the  combined strength and experience of our team, we wish to create social initiatives to support personal and professional growth of students and professionals.

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